Meeting Our Girls

The first morning in Africa started at different times for everyone. The time change has been hitting us hard, people were waking up all through the night. After a wonderful breakfast, worship, and missing wallet scare (which was found) we set out to Small Steps for Compassion orphanage.

As soon as we arrived the girls ran out to meet us all. Some were more friendly than others, but after we entered the house they warmed up to us as we started to play. The girls were all smiles and laughs as we picked them up, colored with them, and read them books. The longer we were there the more the girls opened up and began to try and talk with us. After some time with the girls we decided to take a look around the property but the girls would not let us leave them at the house so they joined us walking around the property. They wanted to be carried the whole way as we toured the new building project, the avocado, mango, banana and coffee plants (etc.). As our arms got tired we would try and place the girls down, but some (especially baby Dori) did not like that very much. It was tiring but enjoyable for us all.

After our long walk which included some sampling from our tangerine tree we made it back to the house. When we arrived back there we were treated to an amazing traditional meal of chapati, chicken, and many vegetables all grown on Small Steps property. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this new experience and delicious food! After lunchtime the little girls laid down to take a nap. All the teenagers took this opportunity to take a nap as well. After the teenagers were abruptly awoken by the parents we decided to go on a walk and meet some of the community. We walked around and met many young children who enjoyed trying to talk to us (The usually just yelled “hi”, “bye”, and “how are you?” over and over again in their little high pitched voices). Everyone we came in contact with tried to use the opportunity to use all the English they knew at once (Even when it didn’t make much sense) and we did the same with our Kiswahili.

Once we arrived back at the house we hopped in our van and went back to the hotel. Everyone was so exhausted they immediately knocked out and took a nap (except Madison who just ate a bunch of Nutella with her fingers, it was gross to watch).  After once again being rudely awakened by the parents we headed to dinner where we enjoyed another yummy meal, including ice cream for dessert. So far everyone is thoroughly enjoying their experience here. Continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue our journey.

Also Mambo (hello), Jason! I miss you!    

Everyone will be taking turns writing the blog this trip, so look for more shout outs.