Watch Out Tanzania, Here We Come!



We all arrived at the airport and to our surprise, everyone was early.  We are all so excited to go see our girls in Tanzania.  With the wonderful help from Karen our agent at the ticket counter, we got all of our 13 bags loaded and ready to go.  The bags are filled with clothes, shoes and toys for the girls.  We also have gathered about a hundred pairs of reading glasses for the local community.  I think one of the best parts is to see the excitement of the kids as some of them embark, for the first time, to the amazing and wonderful land of Tanzania, filled with beautiful sights, sounds and smells.

We took off on time and our first stop was Detroit, where we grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then we were off to Amsterdam.  While many tried to sleep, they just couldn’t due to the excitement of what was to come.  While in Amsterdam we all walked around in a daze from the lack of sleep.  While some of us got yummy cappuccino’s and local foods, Christian and Mikey were off to find Christian’s favorite Ramen noodle stand, but sadly they weren’t open that early.  Shortly after it was time to grab the next plane to Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania. Nine hours later we arrived…



As we stepped off the plane we were greeted with the sweet earthy smell that is so welcoming and alluring!  We were so ready to be here and embrace the local culture.  After getting our visas and finally making it through immigration, it was so good to see our local Director Of Operations, Juma Kitau.  We loaded up the two vehicles and headed off to Usa River to stay at the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge.  When we arrived we had a little surprise for the kids.


Local tribal dancers performed for us and then invited us to join them.  The kids were not quite sure what to do but got out to do some dancing with them. It was a lot of fun.

Soon after, we all headed to our rooms to hopefully get a great night sleep.  Good night everyone.