More Stuff...

“Good Morning” was said by all during the morning. We all rolled out of bed and into the breakfast area. After dusting off our clothes we had a nice meal of stuff. We paCked our belongings and then sOme (I took a shampoo bottle from the bathroom, shhh) and prepared for our driver to arrive. The day drove onward into the future as we drove onward into Arusha. Our drive lasted around four hours and when we arriveD at the Africafe for lunch we all agreed we were four hours older.

BUT(T) WAIT! I forgot somEthing. We saw some Maasai Giraffes on the drive. Alright, on we go.

I had a Cajun Chicken Burger if anyone wanted to know. I think everyone else had some different stuff. After lunch someThing insane happened! It turned out there was a parade of decorated elephants making its way through town and I’m completely kidding. We just left the restaurant and went back to the hotel we had previously been staying wHich I will now attempt to spell without any help: The Ngordooto Muntin Loge.

The girls (including Mikey) were all glued to their phones as soon as we were in range of the wifi, which has really given them a truly authentic African experience. As they all enjoyed the amazng wIfi that Africa has to offer we began the exciting process of packing bags in bags (really hoping we got a picture of this, words can’t describe). Time flew by on the wiNgs of an African bastard bird (Ardeotis kori) and soon we were having some good ol’ fashion worship. We wor’d and ship’d till we just couldn’t take it no moe! Wowee!

The evening sky was beautifully accompanied by the banging of local made drums and bottles. The dinner entertainment yet aGain outdid itself as a bunch of guys jumped around and stuff. My favorite part of the show was the “stuff” part.


Overall I’d have to say it was a preh-ee cool day.



-          C-Train