Small Steps Girls...

The girls are totally enjoying us being around, they're not shy anymore. They love to play with us, and playing is really all they like to do. They really love to play outside even though they may get scratches or have to use the bathroom. I’m happy to see that the girls are more comfortable with us than they were when we first met them. (Dori was hiding away in another room when we first got there, and wouldn’t even come out to see us!) Now baby Dori, the shyest one of them all, is actually coming up to us to say "hi", climbing in our laps, and giggling and fighting for all of our attention. They even got so comfortable with us that they call us "mommy" to get our attention. I'm getting kind of sad that we have to leave in three days because I’m really going to miss these girls. They made such a huge difference in my heart, and I love them all as if they were my little sisters. These girls are special gifts and I will treasure them always.

Shout out to my parents, I will be home soon.

This is Tai over and out from Tanzania