A Full Day

Today was a very eventful day. We started off our day very relaxed, and had breakfast whenever we wanted then headed to see the girls by ten. We spent the first part of our morning playing with the girls. We took them outside to play and run around. They have a lot of energy.  The girls loved kicking the soccer ball around and throwing rocks. At one point Dori told us she needed to go potty, Madison decided she would take Dori back to the house. After taking a few steps Dori dropped her pants and peed right in front of us all. I guess she couldn't make it the 100 feet to the house! Haha.  

Soon after that we went inside to eat! We all enjoyed a delicious lunch and then the girls went to take their nap. We teenagers took this opportunity to relax a little... Everyone decided they wanted to color, while I passed out and took a nap. The time difference is still hard for most of us, and adjusting has been difficult.  Shortly after, everyone else followed my lead, and we were asleep for a good hour. During this time the parents were finishing painting one room we didn't have time to finish the day before.  

After we all woke up we decided that we would go to Cradle of Love (an orphanage for children age 0-2) to help out during dinner time (it gets pretty crazy at feeding time with 30 little ones screaming to eat). We went there for only about an hour and a half but we loved our time. Although Madison was originally scared to even touch the babies she eventually warmed up to them and picked one up. We all immediately found babies and played with them and then helped feed them dinner. We stayed and played a little while after. We met so many sweet little kids, and it was so wonderful to get to hold and play with the little ones there. Fun fact: all 4 of our girls at Small Steps came from Cradle of Love.

After we left Cradle of Love we went to Rivertrees, a local restaurant, to eat dinner.  Although we teenagers were disappointed there was no wifi available there, we all LOVED the food! We had pizza made in a real pizza oven, pasta, and cheeseburgers. By far our best meal here, plus the view was beautiful!
Although it was a long day it was very enjoyable! We are all feeling a little homesick but still excited to leave for safari tomorrow!
Shout out to Jason again, miss you so much! I will see you very soon :)