Meet Our Team

Shannin Pickle – Founder and President

Shannin is a U.S. citizen working with Non-profit organizations for over 6 years, she is the founder of Small Steps for Compassion in Tanzania. Her contributions include being an officer for the MIC foundation and VP of an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She has worked with numerous foundations and programs in Guatemala, Honduras, Africa, and the United States.

Attached here is a short excerpt from the book Miracle on Hope Hill where a chapter was dedicated to Shannin’s story.


Tracey Russell - Board Member


Juma Kitua –  Director of Operations

A retired Lieutenant from the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces where he studied Aerospace, Law and Administration. Post service, Juma received a degree in Zoology and became a professional Safari Guide for the past twenty years. An avid philanthropist, Juma has dedicated his time and resources to giving back to his community and working with Small Steps for Compassion.

Paul Pickle – Board Member

A professional in the semiconductor industry with a back-ground in Engineering, Paul dedicates time to philanthropic projects. Having aided and partnered with Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, Mercy for Children, and now the Make It Count Foundation, Paul brings a perspective and expertise necessary to Small Steps for Compassion.


Mark Russell – Board Member


Doug Spinella - Board Member

A Sales professional in the technology industry, Doug is dedicated to helping those in need. He has a strong volunteering background serving youth for over 23 years. Doug has also served in numerous 3rd world countries as well as locally. Doug’s background and skill are a welcomed value to the organization.


Elisabeth Spinella - Board Member

With over 18 years of youth ministry experience, Elisabeth not only brings her love of children but also many valuable strengths including Marketing. She first became involved with African Missions in 2008 with MFC and in 2010 started serving the Make it Count Foundation and Small Steps for Compassion. Her passion and excitement for the children are a driving force and a valuable asset to our organization.