A Day of Stuff

*Pitter patter* *pitter patter* was the song of the morning. We awoke to God’s tears falling all around our dwelling. As we ate our breakfast we marveled at the world’s ability to grow and replenisH itself, much like how Gideon used the dew of the morn to strengthen his army of sheep (Ps 38:7 NKJV). (Christian's Interpretation)

The drive to the orphanagE was like any other earthquake simulator. We arrived ready to work and paint some walls and stuff. After an initial breakdown of everyone’s duties (ha!) we began work on priming the walls. Some of us used the rollers to paint higher areas, while others used brushes to paint the more delicate and intricate places. Our painting process mimicked the great symbiosis of life on earth as we all worked together, struggled together, grew together, and painted walls together. Somehow, some of the paint got on us as well, which was interesting.

photo 5.JPG

As seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours, many of us longed for a nice cold shower. But soft! What paint through yonder bucket lay. We still had stuff to do. However, it was time for lunch and we decided to finish up the rest of the daY’s work after a bite to eat.

Ugali, the main dish, was supplemented well with a superfluous side of tangy, yet soothing kidney beans. We all ate our fill and then decided to take a walk to a local shop. After drinking some pop and sucking on lollipops we finally felt energized enough to head back to the orphanage and finish the day’s work. We all attacked what walls were left and then painted them.

photo 1.JPG

On our drive back to the hotel we saw some other white people in a car ahead of us. When they noticed us as well we all had what I assume is the equivalent of the connection that many ethnic groups enJoy in predominately white communities (which is the politically correct way of saying that).

Upon arriving back at the hotel, we dEcided that we should all bathe ourselves. We then had a very nice worShip and headed to dinner. During dinner Doug marveled at how perfect the hotel’s soup spoonS were.

Overall consensus of the day: Pretty cool I guess.



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