Market Day

This morning I arose from my slumber on high alert, when I looked over and realized Christian and I had overslept. We got ready as fast as possible (even though Christian took forever in the shower). Next we headed to breakfast where we were indulging in a wonderful meal of pancakes and “soggy scrambled eggs” as Elivia called them. After breakfast we had a wonderful sermon by Madi and then off to the Massai Market.

I remembered as soon as we got on the road how much I missed driving in Florida. I think I had more than five near death experiences in my life, and they're all from driving here! haha. With a little bit of a journey we reached the market (now this is where it gets funny). Before we went to Africa Doug specifically told us that at the market you have to haggle or you will get bad deals. So, with that in my mind we headed to a merchant booth who sold pants, because Elivia wanted pants. I finally felt for the first time in forever I HAD FRIENDS! Everyone wanted me in there booth, "my friend my friend, come to my store I make you special deal, just for you!" It felt like I was a movie star or even Obama! (Apparently he's a big deal here, I don't know why?) Then I saw this wonderful Tanzania soccer jersey and I wanted it! I went into the store and this lady comes to me and said, “Mambo, my friend, I give you good deal!”  She told me it would cost 25,000 shillings for the jersey. I was thinking, but while I was thinking I didn't realize the seller had changed to this man. Then I asked for the price and he told me 30,000 shillings for the same shirt. I told him that the lady told me 25,000, and he was blocking the exit, and began to tell me that because it’s a bigger size I should pay more (now I have to buy it for more than the original and lose my self-esteem for the rest of the day, haha).  So I bought it, and from then on I became known as the world’s worst negotiator. I am the only person in the history of the world to haggle and pay more than the beginning price! 

photo 4.JPG

Afterward we went to the Coffee House to feast on a wonderful buffet of different foods, mostly potatoes! Then onwards to the Cultural Center, where we saw many wonderful carvings. It was awesome! We didn't have anything planned for after, so we decided to head to see our girls! We arrived at the best time; the girls were getting their hair done! It was hilarious and adorable to see the girls with their hair all poof'd up, in pre-braid format. We played with them for a little. Some of us played while others fell on the ground…hard! (cough cough Elivia cough cough) She slipped on bubbles while carrying Happy.  After that we went to give the girls the presents we brought in our suitcases! It was wonderful to see them get new shoes, clothes, and toys! They were so excited! We also gave out some gifts to the workers at Small Steps. They are so appreciative for the littlest things, it warms my heart and makes me realize we all need to be more appreciative for even the small things.

When we were done we came back to the hotel and had a very awesome worship about honey and adultery.(Proverbs 5) It was amazingly taught by Mama Spinella. After worship we had some down time where I wrote this blog, and I currently am still writing.

I did step away to get some bush baby action! (a very quiet and cool little monkey that only comes out at dusk!) It was cool to see them up in the trees!

We had a great dinner buffet with live entertainment again! After dinner Doug downloaded a game on his phone for all of us to play together. We had a great time laughing and hanging out then we headed to our rooms. It was an amazing day and I'm glad to have covered it! Now this is your anchor Bosley Sanderson (Michael Triana) signing off saying don't have an American night have an African night. Stay classy USA and Tanzania.

P.S I want to give a shout out to all my peeps at F.O.G! The return is soon… and to my wonderful loving mom who I am glad let me go on this trip, thank you! LOVE YOU ALL!